Why Swing?

Why Swing?

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Swinging is a much safer and enjoyable way to explore your fantasies than cheating on your partner.

Apart from the above, swinging revives the flagging sex lives of couples all over the world. It reduces the stresses within relationships, leading to happier couples and fewer break-ups. (researchers in the US have found that swingers are happier with their life in general, happier with their sex lives, and have a lower divorce rate and a lower incidence of sexually transmitted diseases than the general population.)

As long as you are honest between yourselves, agree your boundaries on what is acceptable for each of you to do, then most people enjoy swinging.

Over the years we have seen couples join the scene, then disappear. Often people will tell us that they are packing in swinging, but they are usually back in the scene within 6 months, as they miss the excitement and the social side of a swingers life.