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Welcome to Swingers in Malaga, we specialise in putting lifestyle swingers in touch with each other.

Join us and get access to the large number of swingers who live in Malaga and the suburbs.

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This site is run by JoJo and David, a Canadian/British swinging couple who live in Spain. You can find out more about us at https://joanddavid.com.

Our basic service is free to use and to join. This allows you to create your profile (which consists of your personal details and your ad) and allows you to search the database and write to people you think you might like to meet.

If you are new to swinging, and want to find out what swinging is all about, or you want to know how to get involved select the relevant sections from the menu on the left. All swingers welcome new comers, and most will go out of their way to offer you help and advice.

All swingers, new comers and experienced alike can benefit from reviewing Swinging Manners, as we all forget how we should behave sometimes.

We have also addressed some of the risks involved with swinging, and what you can do to minimize these.

If you have information about clubs or parties that we don't have listed, we would appreciate you taking a few minutes to tell us about them, drop us a line at [email protected], and we will add them to the list.

Our sites, like all reputable swingers sites, are aimed at adults over the age of 18. Sadly many people feel the need to take and publish pictures of children. We run a website dedicated to eradicating child pornography, click the graphic above to be taken to the site, have a read, and any help or advice you can give us will be gladly accepted.

David & Jo

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