Who are Swingers?

Who are Swingers?

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Swingers are people who enjoy having sex with people other than their life partner, but with their partners knowledge and often their participation.

Swingers are ordinary people from every walk of life. In the 30+ years that David has been in the swinging scene he has had sex with, or watched people having sex,

  • from over 50 nationalities.
  • from most religions - Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists
  • from almost every walk of life, including politicians, police officers of every rank, school teachers, judges, TV personalities, Sports personalities, cooks and chefs, firemen, accountants, nurses, doctors, film and TV crews, newspaper reporters, high ranking businessmen, dustmen, window cleaners, prison officers, priests, doctors, air crew, musicians, dancers, fitness instructors, soldiers, sailors, air force personnel, and these are just the ones that he can remember as we typed this paragraph.

Swingers by their nature are usually easy going, relaxed people who have an open mind. Who do not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, colour, sexuality or political affiliation.