What is Swinging?

Getting Started as a swinger

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Swinging is the practice of people having sex with people other than their life partner.

This use of alternate partners is done with the partners knowledge, or the person having sex is a cheat, not a swinger.


If you attend a club or party and are asked for payment beyond a reasonable entry fee, then it is not a swingers event. Or, if anyone asks you for money to have sex with them, they are not swingers.

Most swingers are couples, who with their partners explore their sexual fantasies with other couples or singles. Most of these couples will play together, which means that there are a lot of group sex sessions where there will be 3, 4 or more people having sex together.

Please don't fall into the trap of trying to push your partner into having sex with just anyone. Swinging is about the enjoyment of sex, people always enjoy sex more if it is with people they like the look of, or who they are attracted to.

Over the last 20 years most of the women have explored their bi-sexuality, but it is only over the last 5 years that male bi-sexuality has been acceptable. However, bi-sexuality is a choice, not a requirement to be a swinger.

Swinging is about respect:

  • respect by each partner for their partners sexual needs
  • respect by each partner for their partners boundaries
  • respect by everyone for the boundaries of the people they meet
  • respect for the word NO - if anyone in the swinging scene says no while having sex, or when approached by someone else, it means stop!. To continue touching or attempting to have sex with someone after they have been told no is committing a sexual assault or rape.
  • respect for people choice not to meet, or upon meeting to decide not to play. Swingers meet for fun. If any person in the group does not like the looks, manners or attitude of the other people, it is their right to decide not to take things further. No one should get upset or give abuse, as the next time around it could be you that does not fancy the other people.

Swinging has been known as several titles in the past.

  • The Lifestyle
  • Wife Swapping
  • Partner Swapping
  • Sharing or sharers

but swinging is the most commonly used term in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In the USA the most common name is "The lifestyle".

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